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  • James Carey

    I needed to find my radio code after having work done on my car, as the battery had been disconnected. Honda Toronto helped with a fast reply and correct code. Really appreciate the fast and efficient service,thank you. Jim

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  • Aman Kalsi

    I boosted my battery after that i had an issue with my radio asking for unlock code. Reached out to these guys they sent me my code i instantly for free. Really satisfied with the service.

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  • Richard Brown

    I sent in my VIN number as I needed the code for my radio because the battery was changed. the code was nowhere to be found then I requested the code online on Sunday and I was emailed the code first thing Monday morning. Thanks for the quick response and my radio works again.

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  • Cheryl MacLeod

    I was able to get my radio code after a replaced battery.....easy and fast service. Excellent service.

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