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  • James Carey

    I needed to find my radio code after having work done on my car, as the battery had been disconnected. Honda Toronto helped with a fast reply and correct code. Really appreciate the fast and efficient service,thank you. Jim

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  • Richard Brown

    I sent in my VIN number as I needed the code for my radio because the battery was changed. the code was nowhere to be found then I requested the code online on Sunday and I was emailed the code first thing Monday morning. Thanks for the quick response and my radio works again.

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  • Timothy Chang

    The best place to buy Honda OEM parts in Canada. Once you sign up, your price will be 20% off the net pricing. I used to buy the auto parts from US but with 20% off, most of Toronto Honda Parts pricing is better than US pricing if you considering exchange & shipping cost. Nathan was very helpful processing my parts order. I spent about $700 in brake [...]

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  • Barbara Manneke

    My car battery died, in the parking lot of my workplace, so I called CAA for a boost. After the boost I drove the car for 20 minutes to boost the battery. I saw I needed a code for the radio. My Honda Element is 12 years old and I have never lost the manual, in has always been in the glove box. It wasn't. I do not know why it wasn't and searched [...]

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  • Maureen Wilson

    I emailed Toronto Honda hoping they could help me with my radio code. They responded to me very quickly and courteously. I'm so happy at how quickly this was resolved! Thank you Toronto Honda for your great service!

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