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Honda Certified Used Vehicles

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You know every Honda is green, safe and fun. And a certified used Honda in Toronto from Toronto Honda is no exception. You get all the benefits of a new Honda, including peace of mind and the confidence that comes with a factory warranty. That's because every certified used Honda must pass a series of dealer inspections to ensure it meets the most stringent Honda standards. That means every certified used Honda upholds the same dependability, quality and reliability the carmaker is known for.


Here are some highlights of the Honda Certified Used program:

  • 7-year / 160,000 km transferable powertrain warranty coverage, with option to upgrade to a comprehensive extended warranty
  • 7-day / 1,000 km exchange privilege
  • 100-point inspection
  • CarProof Vehicle History Report

Vehicle Eligibility Requirements:

Vehicles eligible to become Honda Certified Used Vehicles have to undergo rigorous inspections in order to provide our customers with that 'New Honda’ feel, even though you get it from a used Honda:

  • All Honda models (such as used Civic or used Accord) originally imported, or manufactured, by Honda Canada Inc. for sale in Canada.
  • All vehicles five model years or less prior to current are eligible.
  • Vehicles that have been in service less than 6 years or 120,000 km.
  • Routine maintenance is current or was brought up to current level with appropriate inspection for age and mileage.
  • Warranty has not been cancelled (e.g. stolen, flood damage, etc.).
  • Odometer has not been tampered with or the kilometres are known.
  • No body or suspension modifications.
  • No aftermarket sunroof or bush bar. Accessories like remote starter, alarms, audio, etc. qualify after inspection to ensure they will not cause any problem.
  • No engine, emission or exhaust system modifications.
  • No indication of significant body repair or frame damage that would affect the long-term durability, function or performance of the vehicle.
  • Must pass a 100-point mechanical & appearance inspection.
  • Must meet appearance & reconditioning standards.
  • Vehicle history must be verified with a CarProof Vehicle History Report.

Vehicle Selection by Sales Department


Our Sales Manager selects the vehicles that are to be inspected for possible inclusion in the program (for example: a used Honda Civic or a used Honda Fit). The Sales Manager then initiates the inspection and possible service process by completing the top portion of the Vehicle Inspection Form. The Sales Manager:


  • Enters vehicle’s specifications - such as VIN, mileage, model, etc.
  • Checks for documentation - such as warranty manuals, Owner’s Manual, etc.
  • Obtains a CarProof Vehicle History report to confirm that the vehicle complies with eligibility requirements as outlined in “Vehicle Eligibility Requirements” section of this policy manual.
  • Completes a Repair Order requesting the inspection, as per the dealership policies.
  • Routes the vehicle to service for inspection and reconditioning cost estimates.

Vehicle Inspection by Service Department


Our Service Manager designates qualified, experienced service personnel to perform the inspections.


  • A designated Service Manager will oversee the entire servicing process.
  • A vehicle inspector is assigned to the vehicle.
  • We make sure to thoroughly test drive the vehicle and perform a vehicle full underbody inspection with the vehicle on a hoist.
  • The Service Manager designates service and/or repairs that will bring the vehicle up to certified condition according to the checklist requirements. The inspector receives detailed instructions on what to inspect.
  • The reconditioning inspection "is not to be used to increase service department revenues or profits beyond what is reasonable to meet required reconditioning standards".

With these parameters in mind, the vehicle is inspected and estimates are made. When all estimates have been compiled, documentation of required repairs and costs for those repairs is returned to sales management for approval. Sales management must then decide to either accept the vehicle with the understanding that - if accepted – all designated service and/or repairs will be made. The service and/or repairs designated by the service department are not negotiable.


Mechanical Inspection


  • Further to the aforementioned service checkup, every detail of your next used Honda undergoes thorough visual inspection.
  • Our Vehicle Inspector confirms that the following materials are available:
  • Owner’s Manual.
  • Vehicle Warranty Manual. Order new manuals if they are missing or not in "near-new" condition.
  • Radio theft code.
  • Key code.
  • Wheel locks, if equipped.


Other important pointers include:


  • Confirm that maintenance is up-to-date or update it to current. Record service history in the Owner’s Manual (if not already recorded there) and sign or stamp the Service Record.
  • Perform all necessary checks and mandatory parts replacement per the Mechanical Inspection checklist.
  • Be sure to use genuine Honda parts for mandatory replacement.
  • If brake vibration is present, perform on-vehicle refinishing of the front rotors (rotor replacement is necessary only if rotors are worn to their service limit).
  • For most 1993 and newer models, timing belt/water pump replacement is needed at 100,000 km intervals under most operating conditions. Consult the applicable Owner’s Manual for the specific recommended replacement interval.
  • Be sure to advise the new owner of the need for 100,000 km timing belt/water pump replacement (as may be applicable).
  • Any automatic-transmission failure must be repaired by installing a genuine Honda re-manufactured transmission. Dealer disassembly is not allowed for certification and is not allowed by the Honda Certified Used Vehicle Limited Warranty. A genuine Honda re-manufactured transmission must be used.

Appearance Inspection


All Honda Certified Used Vehicles must meet the complete appearance standards as identified in the Appearance Inspection checklist. Discrepancies must be identified and corrected before the vehicle can be given Honda Certified Used Vehicle status.

Appearance Repair Standards


  • "Paintless dent repair" is recommended where possible.
  • "Glass repair" is recommended for repairing windshield stone chips where possible.
  • Honda procedures for repairing acid-rain and environmental-fallout paint damage are followed to ensure certification.