Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tires

Winter is just around the corner. In fact, there was snow in Barrie just last week. So there’s no time to waste.

Just about the most important thing you can do to prepare for the next five or six months is to put winter tires on your vehicle. To help you make the decision on when, why and what kind of winter tires to purchase, Wheels contributor John Mahler has prepared a number of articles.

As well, freelance writer Jil McIntosh writes about a winter tire testing facility in Florida and Ian Law reminds you of the top five things you can do as a driver to prepare for winter, as well as the top five things you can do for your car.

The Time to Buy Your Winter Tires Is Now

Don’t procrastinate — by mid-November, your choice of tires will be diminished and pricing will be at a premium. Read More…

Why Winter Tires? There Are Many Reasons

Once the temperature drops below 7 C, winter tires are better for your car than all-seasons — and here’s why. Read More…

Here’s Why You Need Four Winter Tires

If you don’t think you need four winter tires, try running out in the snow with a winter boot on one foot and a running shoe on the other. Read More…

Now Manufacturers Are Making ‘All-Weather’ Tires

In an effort to make a better “all-season” tire, manufacturers have come up with the “all-weather” tire. Read More…

Winter Tires Test in Steamy Florida

It’s 35°C in the Florida panhandle. People are swimming in the warm ocean nearby — and Jil McIntosh is driving on winter tires in the snow. Read More…

10 Tips to Make You Go in the Snow

Wheels contributor Ian Law sets down five things you can do to prepare for winter driving, and five things you can do to get your car ready. Read More…

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