Leasing Manager

Hey everyone, I'm Sihua Shen, came from Shanghai China at 2003, started selling cars at 2008. Now I'm a leasing manger of Toronto Honda and I loved to work here because here we conducted business honestly and provide you family care! I speak Mandarin and English. If you or your family , friends and colleagues are looking for Honda vehicles, please bring them to me, I will provide the red carpet service to all my customer. Put a big happy smile on every one of you is my goal.

Get to know me

Where's Home?

wherever I am.

Where else would I run into you?

give me your contact, I run into you.

Best meal you ever ate?

Home made dishes on spring festival

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

mind reading

Your hidden talent?

good at video/PC games

If time and money were no option where would you go?


If you could pick any Hollywood actor/actress to play you, who it would be?

Master Po

The last book you read?


What is your morning mug filled with?


Best compliment you have received?

Smiles after customer pick up their new car