Chantel Rajkumar

New Car Sales Account Executive

I was born and raised in the East York area and attended both elementary and high school only minutes away from Toronto Honda. I have been in fashion-retail sales for 9 years. Recently, for the past two years making my way in the automotive industry. I went to Humber college and I love design, both fashion and interior. Growing up, I definitely was fascinated with the human mind, people and their interests-funny thing is, I always thought I would have been doing something involving psychology. I highly enjoy the company of close friends and family. Anything to do with water and I love, love, love scenic drives/walks. Finding the little treasures all around Ontario is a plus. Laughing is my personal therapy, and I enjoy being around anyone and everyone who can hold a good conversation and share a good joke/laugh.

Google Reviews

Ms. Thompson - 5 Star

I will forever provide the highest accolades of service excellence for the staff and the service they provide at Toronto Honda; especially for that of Chantal and Reza. Chantal R and Reza S, I cannot say enough about these two individuals; their work ethics, commitment to integrity, excellence, transparency and nothing but the absolute best for their clients, one of whom I was extremely blessed to have been, is next to none. I write this review to let the Google community know if I could have rated them each a 10 out of 5 I would because on every single occasion they went above and beyond to ensure I got what I wanted and more in cases where I might not have thought about something that would have been better when deciding on vehicles. I went into the dealership for a car but left with an SUV that better meets my needs and will continue to do so for a very long time. Chantal for the many times you came in on your days off to attend to me personally, for taking my phone calls after working hours to answer sometimes crazy questions I had, your consistently professional, kind and compassionate mannerism will forever make you my number one go to for any other vehicle needs in my family and circle of friends. For always taking the time and making the time for me I say a sincere thank you....this message is well overdue but I did not want to rush. Similarly Reza, what a gentleman you are, you listened to my unique situation and provided the best services that would not only meet but exceed my were straightforward, provided excellent guidance and feedback to me throughout the vehicle purchasing process and I am so very happy with everything. Thank you for valuing me as a customer who wears many hats of being a mom, a student, a daughter, an active member within my community etc. roles within which the purchase of my vehicle will be most beneficial in providing assistance from taking school trips with my child, dropping off and or picking up folks for church, road trips, work etc. Chantal and Reza you are my dynamic duo, if anyone is looking to upgrade, trade or purchase a new vehicle, there are many Honda dealerships but only one Toronto Honda. They get to the heart of your matter, making sure you're happiness and wholehearted satisfaction is at the center of every decision you make that pertains to the purchase or lease of a vehicle. Thanks a million for everything, I smile each day I enter my vehicle because of the memory created in the process with my new Toronto Honda family!!!!!

Sherise Charles - 5 Star

I had the pleasure of working with Chantel when purchasing my first new car. She was wonderful to talk to and answered all of my questions, and has such a friendly personality. She also kept me up to date with when my new vehicle would be ready and ensured I would have all the information I needed to drive away with my new civic happy. I kept making adjustments about what I wanted and didn't want and Chantel and the team were flexible and accommodated my requests. I am very happy with my car and would return to Toronto Honda in the future. Hopefully not for a while though as I love this car!

RANDY - 5 Star

This was my third vehicle from Chantel who always remembers my family, and always super friendly and kind. Chantel remembered what I was always looking for when buying a vehicle, and fully understood my needs. Chantel would answer all my questions promptly and thoroughly without hesitation. If there was a rating of 11 that’s what I would rate Chantel. Chantel is an amazing sales person which is why this was my third vehicle from her. Her knowledge of Honda products are outstanding, she understands my needs and remembers what I like without even telling her from past sales. I will purchase all my future vehicles from her and will recommend her to anybody looking to buy a Honda.

NATALIE - 5 Star

Chantel greeted us is a very kind way. She offered us help right away. We went into the dealership because we needed a car ASAP. Chantel and Alan helped us from start to finish and met every single one of our needs. We are so pleased with the service we received at Toronto Honda. Alan and Chantel were great! They made sure we understood everything we were signing and we're there to answer any questions we had. From the time we walked in to the time we were handed the keys to our new car, the service was amazing. We feel comfortable knowing that we can still go back if we need any help with the car. I have already sent my aunt to see Chantel and Alan at Toronto Honda. I went in stressed because I lost my car in an accident and I needed one ASAP. The service I received was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced at other dealerships. Chantel and Alan made the buying process so much easier and as stress free as possible. Chantel went over everything and made it easy for us to understand the booking process. She even took some extra time to go through the Toronto Honda website and showed us how to book an appointment. Chantel and Alan have both reached out asking how we are enjoying our vehicle.


I worked with Chantel 4 years ago when I got my first Honda. I can honestly say I got a second honda due to my salesperson and the service man I deal with. To deal with Chantal and my service man.

Get to know me

Where's Home?

East York

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to be multiple places at once. NEVER enough hours in the day!

Your hidden talent?

My planning ability. OH! and dance.

If time and money were no option where would you go?

The Virgin Islands

What is on your bucket list?

Too much to get into... however I would LOVE to travel the world and try something new and unique to each country i visit.

What is your morning mug filled with?

Steeped tea.

What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?

I have always wanted a sail boat. I love the water and would love to be able to sail away at my own disposal.

Best compliment you have received?

Do you trust anyone with your life?

One, maybe two people.

What is your perfect pizza?

Thin crust, meat and a three cheese blend cooked just right so the cheese isn't chewy or rubbery, but gooey and melty.