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John Sinyard

John Sinyard

John Sinyard

Leasing Manager

John Sinyard


I have worked within the Honda group of companies since I was 19. I started with Honda Canada in 1988, Honda Financial services in 2000, and Toronto Honda since the summer of 2008. I’m a third generation Canadian and my roots take me back to Wales and England. I love sports, especially hockey and I’m happy to have passed that down to my kids.

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My Schedule

9:00am – 4:00pm
9:00am – 4:00pm
1:00pm – 9:00pm
1:00pm – 9:00pm
Day Off
9:00am – 6:00pm

Contact Me

(416) 696-4383

Me in a Few Questions

Where’s Home?

I currently reside in Courtice, Ontario which is roughly 50km east of our dealership. I actually pass by 3 other Honda stores on my way to work so that speaks volumes about the environment here at our store.

Where else would I run into you?

Being in the car business you tend to work a lot of hours but aside from being here I’m either at a hockey rink, out to dinner or Blue Mountain

Best meal you ever ate?

I was in Australia years ago and ordered a burger for the road. She had asked me repeatedly what I wanted on my burger and I said “just mustard please” so sure enough when we got on our way I opened my burger and it was just a bun and mustard. Went back and I was charged for the meat. Did I miss something here?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would like the ability to time travel. I would love to go back in time and see how people lived 50 years ago.

Your hidden talent?

I can touch my nose with my tongue, true story lol

If time and money were no option where would you go?

I would love to settle down in the Florida Keys. The older I get the less patience I have for winter here in Toronto.

What is on your bucket list?

The first thing is to create a bucket list so I can write all this stuff down. I have lots of ideas but can’t seem to think of any right now

What is your morning mug filled with?

I don’t drink tea or coffee, and I don’t smoke, wait, don’t I work at a car dealership?????

What was the last picture you took with your phone?

I took a picture of my dog laying beside me on the couch. If there is an inch of space beside me he will take it.

What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?

Balance. If you work too much you don’t get enough time at home, and if you bring home to work you don’t get anything done. I always strive to be the best I can be whether that be a husband, Dad or selling cars. It’s tough but I do well.